Supply Chain / Experience

Can a tweet disrupt your global supply chain?

This experience depicts industries and real world scenarios in which Watson was successfully implemented, as opposed to the speculative experiences we'd created in the years prior. The module also takes customers through an interactive decision tree, which simulates different disruptions as well as Watson's suggestions to mitigate their impact.

Our team began with comprehensive research on modern global supply chains. We crafted a story around a
ethically-produced energy bar that sources ingredients from around the world. The brand of this fictitious product and company created particular opportunities to tell Watson's supply chain story through a number of different perspectives:

Our engineers and designers collaborated on a uniquely rendered isometric system that conveys the complexities of the supply chain and the enormity of the data that flows through it. Custom shaders bring this system to life in a way that shows the ripple effects of disruption throughout the entire system. This allows customers to choose their own path through the narrative for a more relevant experience.