REWORK_ / Interactive

Working with David Wicks and Snibbe Studio, I created a series of interactive sound visualizations in Processing. These were jumping-off points for the iOS development David did for Philip Glass' iOS album, REWORK_. I was fortunate to work on the 21 minute track by Beck—my favorite from the album.

Aside from proximity-based particle connections, the flow of things is influenced by a system that only connects certain groups of particles. This allowed subsets of the larger particle system to follow different paths at different speeds. I used keystrokes to choreograph transitions in these tests. Final iterations in the app were rebuilt by David in Cinder which leverage events and information from MIDI, SVG, and XML.

The app was the recipient numerous accolades and participant in numerous exhibits including:

  • The Museum of Modern Art (NY), Sound in Space exhibit (2013)
  • The Barbican Centre, London, Digital Revolution exhibit (2014)
  • The Contemporary Jewish Museum's New Experiments in Art and Technology (2015-2016)
  • D&AD InBook award for Digital Design (2013)
  • Sónar 2013 Festival (2013)
  • Webby Award Official Honoree (2014)

More about the dev process from David Wicks