Greenhouse / SDK

Greenhouse enables creative coders and engineers to create and rapidly prototype spatial applications: multi-screen, multi-user, multi-device interfaces with gestural and spatial interaction.

Imagine putting pixels onto screens, ceilings, walls, and floors while allowing multiple people to use a Kinect, iPhone, Leap Motion, and/or Wii Remote as input devices. Greenhouse brings spatial interactions to life—the kinds of interactions you've seen in films like—to create new interfaces, applications, content and experiences including:

  • Data Visualization
  • Digital Art and Installations
  • Gestural Interaction
  • Immersive Environments
  • Interactive Kiosks
  • Digital Signage

This is a labor of love for us: a platform for a new kind of computing.

Internally, we've done a lot thinking about physical space, screens, gesture, and input devices, but we haven't yet shared that openly with the world. Greenhouse is an important step toward sharing what we do with developers and creative coders beyond our existing customers.

The API that we've built expects inputs from multiple users through a variety of input devices (smart phones or depth sensor cameras like the Kinect). Screens are represented with physical dimensions, locations, and orientations, to allow the construction of interfaces with spatial awareness.

More information and updates here.