Cloud Pak for Data / Experience

IBM tasked our team to create a powerful experience with storytelling and data that demonstrates the exponential value of our CP4D platform across our bespoke form factors.

The experience explores the underlying server architecture, platform tech, and data through 3D space and perspective. We built upon their existing visual language by combining abstract particle fields with textural, stylized elements that represent aspects of Cloud Pak for Data.

Midway through our timeline the pandemic shut down travel and colocated meetings. In response, our team developed tools to continue work at scale, remotely, to keep timelines on track. We used IP cameras on our full size prototyping space and useful tools for smoothly iterating, deploying, and compiling code in different local and remote environments.

Other tools allowed us to simulate intended in-room gestural events, so the entire experience could be effectively simulated on a laptop. This kept both design and engineering engaged despite otherwise challenging logistics.